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Downeast Magazine!

I am bursting at the seams with excitement that some of my work is the December issue of Downeast Magazine! I have been working so hard to build this little business into something real.. something that can support me, something that I am proud of and something that I can call my own. Art can be such a difficult thing to wrap yourself around. I want to create, be happy, make a living and be recognized for doing something that matters. My work isn't rocket science, but it's ME, my emotions, my beliefs and my personality and I'm putting that all out there to support myself and make a living.

Even simple compliments from people who walk into my booth at a craft fair, or people who have owned my work for year make me feel so proud and special. So Downeast Magazine?! I feel like a rock star. Thank you for supporting my work, my passion, and my life. I hope it spreads joy as much as I intend it to.

Happy holidays everyone, may your days be filled with love and happiness.

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