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We help make life more fun!


You know that feeling when you see something that makes you gasp with excitement?

That's what we are trying to create; adorable, gasp worthy items that make you stop in your tracks and feel like your life just got better.

Hey there! I'm Rickie
mama sawyer pic.jpg

 The creative mama behind Lola Arts, I run on creativity, sweets and optimism and can get sucked into any creative project for endless hours. I love to be outside, hate wearing shoes and can’t be too far from the ocean. I grew up on an island and studied at College of the Atlantic, where I learned how I wanted to be in the world much more than what. My need to create led to Lola Arts and it’s slowly growing into the compassionate, heart based business that I dream of.


You might be picking up a card, a tea towel or some gift tags, but what you are buying is something to make you or a friend feel loved, connected and understood. I thrive on deep conversation and connecting with others, and believe that we can change the world just by being ourselves.


I live in southern Maine with my not so tiny human and husband, where I sing more than I talk (which some people find weird) and try to live more like a six year old because they know way more than we do.

 We love things that light us up, so we create coffee cups that feel just right, tea towels that makes you smile as you dry your hands, and cards that are perfect for someone special. It's the little things that make life great.

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