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The Work

Lola Arts is a place where color and design meet function to add joy, authenticity and a little spark to everyday life.  Our collections are inspired by our home in Maine. A place where small businesses are thriving, people take care of each other and connection to people and place is important.

Each ceramic piece is handcrafted with a slab roller or thrown on a wheel and then hand painted with the utmost care for a bright, color inspired finished product.  We use an earthenware clay that allows for brilliant color and a light weight finished piece.

  Our pottery and designs are vibrant, timeless and meant to be used and enjoyed in everyday life. Embrace the little moments, because life is too short to sit on a shelf.

Meet Rickie

Rickie has had her hands in clay for almost 20 years and loves the process of creating something from scratch. From her mother's sewing machine to her fathers tools, she has always been fueled by creativity in many different forms. Rickie lives from her heart, inspired by color, design and emotional connection. 

When we surround ourselves with things and people that make us unapologetically happy, our lives become more joyful, simple and fulfilling. We build our lives, stories and communities from our every day experiences and choosing joy in small ways creates connection, builds relationships and inspires the world.

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