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A year in the handmade pottery business

I have been making pottery for a long time now, but about this time last year was the first time I really actively started being a business. In the last year or two I finally accepted that I am an artist and this was an ok thing to pursue for work. I had done a few little shows for fun, but last year the Smiling Hill Farm show in September was my first time putting myself out there as Lola Arts, Rickie the potter. As I packed myself up for this same show coming up this weekend, I realized just how far I have come in a year. Last year I didn't even have a sign with my business name on it, I had to paint one quickly on a peice of wood. (Which I thought would be just fine but after I set up at the show I realized how horribly unprofessional it was... lesson number one of many to come!) This year I have a spectacular logo thanks to a friend of mine; a banner, business cards, stickers on my bags, beautiful shelves that my dad built for me, and a system. I packed up for this show and realized I was on auto piolet because I have done it quite a few times now! Thank you to everyone for supporting and following me over the past year, I'll be at Smiling Hill Farm in Westbrook, Maine this Saturday frm 10-4 if you want to stop by!

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