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w VW Swedish Dishcloth

w VW Swedish Dishcloth


Do you know any Swedes? Ok me either, but I am in love with how the Scandanavian countries live and their dish cloths! To die for!


Not only are they good for the environment, the are also highly functional, versitile and of course gorgeous, because why would you clean with anything that wasn't pretty?! Replace your sponges and paper towels and use these thick, durable, non abrasive cloths to clean ANY service!


Designed to absorb absorb like a sponge and wipe like a cloth, they can soak up to 16 x their weight in liquid!

Eco friendly - made out of 70% cellulose pulp and 30% high grade cottonm and printed with water based inks

Compostable - they will desintegrate in 4 weeks in a household compost!

Last at least 6 months,

Clean in dishwasher or washing machine and can be machine dried.


Measure 6.75x 8 inches

Minimum 4/design


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