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Seafoam Flower Mug

Seafoam Flower Mug


Mugs... one of my great loves. You know how you have a visceral memory of someone or something from the past when you do a certain thing? Mugs are that for me.

Every morning (except when it's really hot out) I have a cup of tea. And it's not really that I love tea that much, it's that the ritual of it reminds me of my grandmother. Every time I reach for a mug I think of her. (also everytime I fold laundry as I'm NOT ironing things she would iron, which was everything, but that's a story for when I start a napkin collection)


Anyway, I love how an item or smell or sound can transport you immediately to a connection you have with someone, it makes life magical. And in the case of a mug, starts the day off on a really beautiful note. 


Hand thrown and painted, mugs measure approximately five inches tall and hold about 10 oz. 


You can put them in the microwave but they will get hot so take them out carefully. I recommend carefully placing them in the dishwasher with lots of space or handwashing to ensure they have a long life.

  • Handmade

    Each piece of pottery is handmade and handpainted and the beauty of this process is that no two pieces are exactly alike. Slight variations in size, color and shape happen naturally, so please expect a unique, slightly imperfect piece when you order.

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