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Notelet Collection

Notelet Collection


Ever need to jot down a quick 'I love you!' or 'Have a great day!" or 'Thought you would love this!' and just never have the sweetest little card to do it?


Problem solved! You can spread some lovin, make someone's day and the world a better place with these adorable, cheery, tiny notecards! And since we need to spread as much love as possible around, there are FIFTY of them so you don't have to worry about using them up too fast. And with the collection pack you get 5 different designs to play with!


Notelets measure 3.5 x 2.25" and fit snuggly in their favorite cozy box with a fancy magnetic closure so none of them try to escape! (They cuties really want to be out in the world)


Our hope is you will reuse the box until the end of time, you can buy refills of cards here or use it for your own goodies! And when you are done, the box is fully recycleable after you remove the magnets!


With rounded corners and designs on both sides, each little notelet is sure to bring a smile.


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