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who've never met a cute thing they didn't like.

Build a life based on connection, compassion and creativity.

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We help you love life, one small moment at a time.

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Love notes 

I mean, is there anything better?!

I love all Rickie’s creations in Lola Arts, every piece is so warm and full of beauty. I have bought a lot of items to be given as gifts but end up keeping them for myself! ~ Janice
Rickie is creative soul, smart businesswoman, and thoughtful mom looking to make the world a little bit better. When you support Lola Arts, you're not only supporting Rickie's goals and dreams but are the recipient of beautifully crafted items that will bring you...or someone you love, joy and meaning. ~Teri
It is so hard to capture the love, joy, warmth I feel about Rickie and Lola Arts pieces from stickers to towels to wrapping paper to pottery... I want to give everyone I care about something from her and I want to keep everything she makes for myself.  ~Lisa
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